The Bunny Hop

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The Bunny HopThey say that a true hero needs to overcome adversity to achieve greatness, otherwise you’re just some stupid jerk carrying a light saber or dressed like a bat. Well, all THE BUNNY HOP has got in the way of adversity is a 2-hour drive for every rehearsal (the band members residing half in PA, half in NY), but greatness is almost certainly on its way anyhow. The band, formed in 2012 as a Frankensteinian combo of two NYC rock and roll mainstays, includes Andrea (drums) and John (guitar) from New York pop punk group STEWART and Andy (bass/vocals), who also operates as much-maligned Manhattan noise artist GREEN ANDY. The trio bonded over their shared love of catchy pop, garage rock and rockabilly, and set out to make some of their own. The Bunny Hop specializes in feel-good garage rock that’s not afraid to add in dashes of pop or riff rock or hardcore punk as the need arises.

In addition to their clever tales of love and loss, the band makes room for songs about ruthless killer robots replacing world leaders, discount shopping, and so much more. Is it overstating the case to say that The Bunny Hop are rock and roll heroes? Possibly. But I sure as hell can’t tell you that they aren’t.



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