Alexander Yaker of Roomtone

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Alexander YakerGiven the warm influence of bossa nova and other light-listening earmarks, Alexander Yaker’s Roomtone project neatly encapsulates an entire scene of bedsit bands, past and present. The bossa nova summons Nouvelle Vague’s morphing of New Wave standards into lounge-y backdrops, while Yaker’s tiptoed singing and understatedly fluid way around a guitar should appeal to fans of Eureka-era Jim O’Rourke, Serge Gainsbourg, Kings of Convenience and even the indie pop band Aden.Roomtone

Roomtone may be steeped in a tradition of pop/folk softness, but Yaker’s musical resume is more diverse. For years he worked with different acts in his hometown of Birmingham, Ala., including John P. Strohm, one-time member of Blake Babies and the Lemonheads. Atmospheric not just in sound, Roomtone songs dwell on lulling colors, passing seasons and the quiet yearning of love affairs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roomtonemusic

Bandcamp: https://roomtone.bandcamp.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/roomtonemusic

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