Mike McDevitt

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Mike McDevittMike McDevitt is a Delaware-based singer/songwriter performing regularly in the tri-state area. He is a self-taught guitarist and vocalist who has been performing live for many years. McDevitt’s songs tell real stories about real people. He has been singing and playing since “going public” in college and “songwriting came a little later when I realized I could capture something deeply personal and share it with others.” His unique treatment of favorite cover songs are highlights of his shows as well.

Delaware Bay” is his most recent album. It is a chronicle of the unique McDevitt perspective on American life; the new album captures the angst of living today coupled with the love and hope only someone who has lost can really know.

Delaware Bay” is a pleasant melding of genres with rich musical and vocal harmonies. Mike is well known for his melodies and this album does not disappoint. This generous helping of 17 songs run the gamut of stories of love and loss, to personal triumph and love rediscovered. Mike McDevittThe anthem “Delaware Bay” talks of a music road warrior longing to come home after many months on the road. “How” brings tears to the eyes with its exquisite harmonies and unforgettable melody. “Tired” is an amazing story of frustration brought to life by a march-like precision beat. Distinct harmonies on “How,” “Hammer& Nail” and “Angels” are just fantastic. Several violin-centered tracks round out the McDevitt sound most notably “How” and “All I Wanna Do.” In fact, “Delaware Bay” sounds like its right out of Nashville and is at home on any stage.

Mike McDevittThe album and his live shows are passionate highlighting his touching and personal songs. His songs are often described as “hauntingly beautiful and accessible chronicles of meeting life’s challenges head on, of self-discovery, of love lost, found and lost again.” McDevitt brings deep personal understanding and hope to a place where neither is known to exist for very long. His melodies are powerful, distinctive, tight and evocative of an age when melody was an important component in all music. As anyone who has ever heard him sing his songs knows, it’s his heartfelt performances, the lyrics, and the tunes that carry the moment. And carry the moment they most surely do. These shows are events! Fans everywhere frequently ask for Mike to perform “Delaware Bay,” a deeply personal song about coming home. It’s filled with references to Delaware, regional landmarks and personalities and McDevitt’s audiences frequently know and sing the words with him at shows. And then there’s “Never is a Very Long Time,” a look back at a love lost and of wondering why.

His songs come from a place deep in the human heart with unmistakable emotion and unforgettable hooks and atmosphere. Mike McDevittThe audience can often be seen bopping and swaying to his melodies at a show. He touches a place where we have all been at some time in our lives and McDevitt sings it as if he personally owns every inch of the terrain and knows every nook and cranny. “Hammer & Nail” is both a vivid description of vulnerability and interdependency in relationships and a declaration of hope through love.

“Every day brings more opportunity to explore why we need love and each other, why we often hurt those closest to us and toss away the good that’s there surely is in life for something that we don’t really need and can’t use…I want people to hear my songs and be affected by them,” said Mike. “It’s what good music does.”

Mike McDevitt’s music, news, performance schedule and information is available on ReverbNation.com at http://www.reverbnation.com/mikemcdevitt. Music is also available on http://cdbaby.com/cd/mikemcdevitt . Contact Information: 302-834-5214 or mmcdevitt216@comcast.net.

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