Rupert Wates

Rupert WatesRupert Wates was born in London and has been based in the US since 2007. His material is all original, acoustic melodic art/folk. He is the winner of well over 30 Songwriting and performing awards. In the last two years alone, two tribute albums to his material have been recorded by performers in Nashville and Los Angeles, and 25 of his songs were covered in 2016. He has released 9 solo Cds. He performs an average of 120 live shows a year, in every state in the US, in Canada and in Europe. Despite his British origins, Folk And Acoustic Music Exchange has called Rupert Wates ‘a prime figure in American music’ and goes on: ‘If you’re not hip to this guy yet, you’re missing out’ ( He is delighted to be appearing at Community Cup.


Author: jim

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