Opening Night Jitters

What’s it like to run a business? I found out last night. It took a lot of preparation and leg work to get everything ready. Up to last night, it was pretty much a one-man-show with me taking care of everything that needed to be done. But then others became a part of the life and story of the business. What is the business? It’s a different kind of coffeehouse that, we hope, will bring community together and help build community especially around people with disabilities, autism, Asperger’s, etc. I was worried who and how many will show up. I was worried if we had enough food. I was worried if it would work for everyone. But then help arrived to take some of the worries away. Ginny helped so much in the kitchen getting things ready and spent a lot of time cleaning up and doing the dishes. Chris helped Rick setting up the sound system and monitoring it as the performers hooked up to it....

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