Paul and Mary Good

As ministers of music and worship, Paul and Mary Good are a husband & wife missionary duo using Christian music ministry to connect with local churches and communities through song, prayer, and worship.  They proclaim God’s kingdom through today’s stories of grace, mercy, and love.  Their music style is Country with the influence of Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, and Contemporary Praise and Worship. See more about them at www.pmgharmony.com     Contact information is: Email: paul@pmgharmony.com Phone: 267-377-5651 Website: www.pmgharmony.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/pmgharmony...

Small Town Cowboys

The Small Town Cowboys is a new band who first came together to record original music by Bob Fournier for his 2017 CD, “Bohemian Blues.”  Their crush zone of ideas has led to a highly creative musical environment.  The dynamic guitar playing of Phil Romeo and inventive bass playing of Gabriel Esposito join with the compassionate lyrics of Bob Fournier.  The three join voices in strong three-part harmony. Small Town Cowboy’s bold instrumentation on the rock side is complimented on the folk side by brilliant mandolin player, Bryce Milano and sensitive harmonica player, Chris Jeye. Together, these five musicians transform diverse musical traditions into a unique musical melting pot. Bob Fournier would like to invite anyone to Bob’s Deck Fest 2017 on August 26th at his home on 110 Foster Avenue in Upper Darby. The start time is 6:00 pm. There...

Don Baragiano

Don Baragiano combines ancient Middle Eastern scales & rhythms with American rock, jazz and classical music. Don studied music theory in high school and attended the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music. In the 1970/80s, he was an Audio Engineer at Northern Ky University & at the Ministry of Finance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Don’s long-time love of world music was solidified when he was invited to a private audience/master class with HRM King Faud’s master musician, Hamzah Mohammed Al-Bashir. In 2012 & 2013, Don was selected to compete in the Aaron Copland Foundation’s “American Composer” series. “I’m honored to be included in this group of highly talented and respected world renown artists. It’s gratifying for a foundation of this caliber to accept my original music.” Hejira evolved from...

Nancy Huebner

For Nancy Huebner, it’s all about healing. Whether she has a stethoscope in her ears, or a piano at her fingertips, her heart is in tune with all the ways healing can happen: laughter, introspection, sharing stories, cathartic tears. Her passion is writing and performing original songs that run the gamut from Broadway-style patter to pop/folk/jazz to melodic ballads. A native Philadelphian, she started playing piano at the age of seven and later studied vocal performance at Temple University. Nancy is a registered nurse and is currently working on a musical project about healthcare. She is thrilled to be playing at Our Community Cup...

Jackie Puppet

New Jersey’s Jackie Puppet was founded in 2007 by singer/songwriter/guitarists Brad Kleiman and Jim “Southside Slim” Williams. Their first performances were at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ, where they were part of the open-mic scene. After years as a duo, Jackie Puppet were joined by “Saxy” Joe Braverman (on sax!) and Slim’s Laziza bandmate Glenn “Hill” Hillman (on drums), transforming Jackie Puppet into the rock & roll band it was always meant to be. With the addition of NY singer-songwriter Grace Bergere on bass and vocals, Jackie Puppet’s sound was more versatile than ever. As for that Jackie Puppet sound? Alternately raucous, mellow, melodic, and anthemic, Jackie Puppet’s music is as unpredictable as its band members. Lyrics about horse-racing, beer-drinking, guitar-playing, and a cast of characters with names like Peg...

Kira Shcherbakova

Kira Shcherbakova was born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to the United States with her family at the age of ten. She learned English within a few months and began dreaming of becoming a famous, professional singer. She went to different venues, asking to sing, but got rejected every time. One restaurant owner even said, “My worst singers are better than you.” It was heartbreaking! One day, she got invited to sing at a Mother’s Day church concert, to which she said, “I’m Jewish. I can’t go into a church.” The women persisted, however, and Kira changed her mind. This was an opportunity to sing, after all. When she got there, she was surprised to see that the people were happy and accepting, quite unlike what she had seen elsewhere. She talked to the pastor and he answered all the questions she had for years about life and the meaning of it all. She...

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