Kira Shcherbakova

Kira Shcherbakova was born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to the United States with her family at the age of ten. She learned English within a few months and began dreaming of becoming a famous, professional singer. She went to different venues, asking to sing, but got rejected every time. One restaurant owner even said, “My worst singers are better than you.” It was heartbreaking! One day, she got invited to sing at a Mother’s Day church concert, to which she said, “I’m Jewish. I can’t go into a church.” The women persisted, however, and Kira changed her mind. This was an opportunity to sing, after all. When she got there, she was surprised to see that the people were happy and accepting, quite unlike what she had seen elsewhere. She talked to the pastor and he answered all the questions she had for years about life and the meaning of it all. She...

Chris Adams

Chris Adams brings a palpable energy and considerable skill to his music. Classically trained, this powerful performer fuses the precise agility of his traditional background and the soulfulness of the blues genre with his penchant for venturing past the confines of the ordinary. The songs he creates both borrow from existing musical modalities and extend beyond them. Listening to his music takes one on a journey that is at once melodic and extraordinary, satisfying and lulling, astonishing and invigorating. He creates with sound the visual equivalent of a painter’s colors and hues, varied textures and depth, and one is drawn in to the experience. Chris’s voice is eloquent, expressive of both powerful feeling and subtle nuance. His voice intertwines around and through his guitar work, weaving a tapestry that rivets the listener. His lyrics draw on the rich depth of an expansive mind...

Al Bien

Al Bien is the owner of Springfield Music Store and has been playing popular folk music since the late 60’s and 70’s. He began playing the guitar the summer before he started at Villanova University and helped make his way through college with some gigs and his part time job teaching guitar. . Citing such influences as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, John Denver, he performed some of the songs of these artists as well as his original songs on the college circuit , and at coffeehouses and festivals throughout the east coast region. Notably opening shows for Bonnie Raitt, Dennis Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas and Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, at the legendary Main Point Coffee House in Bryn Mawr and with various other staples of the folk music scene, Dave Van Ronk and Spider John Koerner and many others in folk festivals and concerts. Al will be performing this evening with...

Alyssa Dodge

Alyssa Dodge  is a young musician. Her musical journey started when she asked for a guitar for Christmas soon after she turned six years old. Now, seven years later, she performs a wide variety of classic rock and modern pop at several locations every month. Her facebook music page is...

Rupert Wates

Rupert Wates was born in London and has been based in the US since 2007. His material is all original, acoustic melodic art/folk. He is the winner of well over 30 Songwriting and performing awards. In the last two years alone, two tribute albums to his material have been recorded by performers in Nashville and Los Angeles, and 25 of his songs were covered in 2016. He has released 9 solo Cds. He performs an average of 120 live shows a year, in every state in the US, in Canada and in Europe. Despite his British origins, Folk And Acoustic Music Exchange has called Rupert Wates ‘a prime figure in American music’ and goes on: ‘If you’re not hip to this guy yet, you’re missing out’ (www.acousticmusic.com). He is delighted to be appearing at Community Cup. https://www.rupertwatesmusic.com/...

Charlie Bell

Charlie Bell has been playing professionally since 1965 and teaching full time since 1978. He studied at Granoff School of Music in Philadelphia and has taken lessons from masters such as Charles Hansen, Tony DaDonna and Jim Zaleski.  He played in some foremost local bands:  Majic Bus from 1970-1975 and Eazy Street from 1976-1978.  He performed with Joe Cerisano, who has played with the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Charlie teaches and plays all styles of music. Students range in age from six years to octogenarians. He teaches proficiently the guitar, bass, and mandolin. Over the years Charlie has taught hundreds of students. Recently he as taught music lessons at Ursuline Academy. “I believe music lessons should be fun. I gear lessons toward the student’s personal goals, and at the pace the student would like to take.”...

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