Opening Night Comments

Tim Kirkner (musician) said, “From the tablecloths under the glass dinner plates down to the community feeling in the room the night was spectacular. Bringing together people to hear music and talk is always great to see, but the ease at which those in attendance connected was awesome.”
Jessica Graae (musician) said, “What an honor to be part of the Community Cup’s first coffeehouse! The evening was geared towards adults with developmental disabilities-but it was really an opportunity for everyone-for old and new friends-to get together, hear some live music and eat some delicious food. After my performance, I was welcomed to the table to sit and eat with the rest of the audience. I can think of no better way to spend a Friday night.

Also, I was very touched when two of the young men told me afterwards how much they enjoyed my music. (I am always touched when people tell me this-but I know it is harder to come up an talk to people when you are shy.)”

Denise Pettit (parent) said, ” You did a fabulous job, Jim, and really are filling a tremendous need!”
Joann Dougherty (parent) said, “… you would have been proud of the parents networking too!”
Bob Fournier (musician) said, “It was wonderful. I think it was perfect.

The evening seemed to capture the folksy magic of another decade. I felt as if I had been transported back in time. The informality of the event, the feasting, the variety of the performances, the kindness of the people, the quaintness of the room, where we were all sharing a somewhat crowded space, made me imagine America in the 1930s. A time and place where you made due with what you had.

I felt that I had somehow escaped the I’m-gonna-get-mine age of greed. The evening captured the spirit of an age when many people living in America, and many people in the American government itself, cared about the greater good and the welfare of all its citizens.

I thought the evening was a huge success and I would like to come back and play again in the summer.”

Maria Wurster (parent) said, “The music environment provided something for everyone. The music was an equalizer. It provided something for all abilities. The group of adults who were nonverbal enjoyed the music. Others chatted in the room with one another or in a group. Some went into the hallway to have a conversation. Others got food and sat back to enjoy the music while they ate. Some sang along to songs they knew.”
Nick Urquhart (adult) said, “This was a wonderful event. It was great to meet everybody and the music and food were great! “
Bill Pettit (parent) said, “Kudos and thanks to the Wursters for a very grand opening of the Community Cup coffee house. Top-notch live music, plenty of good food, great people and conversation, and of course, coffee (and other beverages).”

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