Square Wheels

Friday September 29, 2017 7:30 PM

Square WheelsWhen you think you’ve heard every possible combination of musical instruments, we come along blasting it all away! Square Wheels (Wayne G. Harvey and Dr. Mac Given), with its unique cohesion of guitar, clarinet and vocals, makes you sit up, stand up and wanna dance the night away. According to a major news source, “Wayne and Mac soar to grand heights with spectacular musicianship and to great lows with tenacity.” (I swear, someone wrote that!) From original music to standards, rock to country, jazz to swing, Square Wheels will hit you with it all. In one evening, no less!

Meeting by chance in the jungles of Borneo, scholar Mac Given and day-laborer Wayne G. Harvey, while fending off gigantic menacing tsetse flies, found that ifSquare Wheels they played African drums and Balalaika, the flies were immediately repelled. Building on this amazing discovery, they found that if they switched to guitar and clarinet (two instruments they actually knew how to play) then people from miles around came and began dancing and throwing money at them. At that moment, an amazing epiphany swept over the astonished duo: if they didn’t go back to America soon, they’d drown in dineros! So they packed up their instruments, came back to the States, and went to Beverly. Hills that is, one of Wayne’s old girlfriends, until she kicked them out, so they moved to Media, separately of course, and have been toiling there ever since. What a story!

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