Wake the Dead

Friday March 16, 2018 7:30 PM

Wake the Dead BandWake the Dead Ministries was founded in September 2015 by Gary Duffield and Bill Buddle.  Gary and Bill met at the North East Men’s retreat held annually at Lake Champion in New York State.  Both men, having a love and passion for God, people and music, decided to join forces and start a ministry using music.

Wake the Dead Band are: (From left to Right)
Bill Buddle (Hat) – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Gary Duffield (Back) – Lead Guitars
Dave Shapiro (Front) – Drums
Mike Walker (Hair) – Bass

Within 1 years’ time, the group honed their vision and sound.  The band has played many open mic nights including the Foundry in Wallingford, PA to headlining the 150th Anniversary Celebration at the Brandywine Summit Camp Meeting in Chadds Ford, PA.  With the help of their friend, Colin MacCarthy, he produced and recorded their 6 song EP, Revival.   Revival is an album of different musical styles and genres which reveals the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

In late 2016, Gary and Bill were joined by drummer, Dave Shapiro and bassist, Mike Walker.  Gary Duffield plays lead guitar while, Bill Buddle plays rhythm guitar and is the lead vocalist.  With their line up complete, there is no venue too big or small for Wake the Dead Band to share the love and Gospel of their Lord, Jesus Christ.

For Bookings, contact Bill Buddle at: WaketheDeadBand@yahoo.com

To hear a sample of their music go to: SoundCloud.com/Wake the Dead Band/All of Me

We also have a Face Book Page: FaceBook.com/Wake the Dead Band

Our album, Revival, is available for digital download on:
iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify


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