Weather Helm

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Weather HelmA Folk/Americana/Country-Blues trio from the Delaware Valley, Weather Helm is comprised of Singer-Songwriter Jackie Rudy, Percussionist Justin Rudy and Violinist Deirdre Lockman. Their songs take you on a heartfelt, soulful ride through ponderings about life, love, loss, and gain in both the most blissful and painful of times.

Weather Helm’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Jackie Rudy, has been compared to having a style reminiscent of Emmy Lou Harris and Dolly Parton. Her husband and percussionist, Justin Rudy, traveled to Senegal, Africa to expand his knowledge and skill on the Djembe Drum and has a simply perfect blend of the Djembe and Snare that enhances and supports the sound that this group has created. Deirdre Lockman and Jackie Rudy’s life-long friend rounds out Weather Helm with Violin and Vocal complements that are sincere and as sweet as honey.Weather Helm

You can check out their first single released here: https://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/weatherhelm

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